It happened so fast, and it began so simply;
A sneeze here, a cough there, some nausea. Nothing out of the ordinary for Beacon Hills this time of year.
   The flu must be going around again, everyone figured. 
       ——but then things began to get u n h o l y. 

Stiles couldn’t think of a disease that caused the white of your eyes to
 turn a bright, sickly yellow. Nor could he think of a disease that turned
 you { violent }, that gave you the ability to growl like a goddamned
 animal and caused you to attack and attempt to devour everyone who
 crossed your path. It was like the fucking zombie apocalypse, except
 whatever the rapidly spreading disease turned you into wasn’t zombie-
 like in the lease. Zombies were dumb and slow. They groaned and drug
 themselves along in search of their next meal. These… things

  They were intelligent.
  Highly intelligent, and highly dangerous;
           Violent, cannibalistic, and { inhuman }.

  After everything he’d been through Stiles thought he knew fear. He
  thought he knew it more intimately than anyone else. As it turns out,
  he was wrong. ]


                It’s no s u r p r i s e to me,
                                            I am my own worst ɛռɛʍʏ. 

       ——-Cuz’ every ɴᴏω ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇɴ
                                     I kick the living s h i t outta me


My heart just stopped beating.

no, no, I can’t fall asleep - I  can’t  fall  A S L E E P




❝ Nevermind, it doesn’t matter.
      What does matter is the assload of chemistry homework we had last night. Did you get it done? 
            I just left number twelve blank, I couldn’t figure it out. ❞


“Yeah, Stiles?”


❝ —ugh, nothing.
              Sorry dude, for a second I thought you were someone else. 

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❝ Scott? 

❝ Told you so. ❞

how does guilt make you feel, stiles?

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